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Rev. Connie Dickens-McCain


Rev. Connie Dickens-McCain is a lifelong Personian and a 1976 graduate of Person High School. She received an Elementary Education Degree from Methodist University before embarking on an accomplished teaching career. In 2006 she was called to the ministry in which she serves as an associate minister at First Baptist Church. She’s enhanced her education and skills by earning a diploma in pastoral ministry from Piedmont Bible Institute and an Associate’s Degree in Mortuary Science from Fayetteville Technical Community College. But she is most proud of her work with the youth of her community. Her story reminds us that the youth are our future and our responsibility.


Q) What was your upbringing like in Person County?

A) I am a life-long resident of Roxboro. Both of my parents and grandparents were as well. I grew up on the southside of town, in an area known as "The Hill". Our neighborhood was a very close-knit community. Our teachers, principals, cosmetologists and cafeteria workers all lived near each other and worshipped together. Accountability was instilled in us at a very early age.


Q) What was your career like and what are you proudest achievements?

A) I am a retired educator from North Elementary School. I taught 3rd and 4th grade for 31 years, spending some of that time in Greensboro and Durham. I was Teacher of the Year twice. One of my proudest accomplishments as an educator was successfully teaching an all-male class for two years in a row. Since retiring I embarked upon a second career in Mortuary Science.


Q) What organizations or community endeavors do you participate in?

A) In addition to my work as an associate minister, and ministering at other churches, I am a member of the Entre Nous Club in Roxboro. We provide scholarships and opportunities for our youth to develop socially, culturally and academically. Preparing and mentoring the youth of Person County is a life goal that I enjoy being a part of.


Q) Why is it important that women be recognized for their foundational work in our community and our nation?

A) Women have been instrumental in all walks of life. In every career that exists there is female presence either directly or indirectly. It is very important to recognize not only our presence, but the impact that our presence has made for centuries. From medicine, to music, to math, to scientist, to fire fighters, to writers, you name it—the female has been a part of it. By celebrating these individuals, we not only memorialize the past, but we plant seeds for the future. Our young people need to be aware of who paved the way in order to find their way.


Q) What do you envision for the future of Person County?

A) As Person County continues to grow, more and more opportunities are being afforded to our community. However, our youth are in my opinion, the least served group in Person County. It is my desire that we make our youth more of a priority and less of a bother. By involving the youth in the planning stages they become less of an afterthought.


Q) What is your advice for girls and young women who look to you as motivation?

A) The advice I would give to girls and young women is to set goals, strive to achieve them and never stop learning.

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